It’s been quite long, isn’t?

It’s all my fault, i’ve been busy for a couple of weeks with several projects: apes, parking space, something i’ve censored.

Let’s start with some explanations:

Censored…NOTHING , and no, unfortunately isn’t even that NOTHING is just nothing.

Current mood: I hate dishwashers, washing-machines and fridges.

Second instance:  Apes i need to know more about apes. That’s all.

Third part: parking car lot! oh that’s my favorite: design something cool, provocative and sustainable in a single parking space for a contest in Milan.

Summarizing in two words: Interaction Design, baby! I should call instantly my mum and tell her this wonderful opportunity that God gave to me, i’m sure she would be so proud of me, cause finally i’m an interaction designer!

Yes ok, the project is cool: a kind of space between guerrilla gardening, Tibetan prayers and a zen walk-through..but this is really Interaction Design? and more.. this is really Industrial Design?? ( maybe).

Anyway we all know that when you’re working hard on something, when you’re really stressed, there’s only one way to work out until that stupid deadline…procrastination.

The word procrastination in my life is a sort of sacred Graal.

I’m very good in  procrastination, i’m sure i could beat the All Blacks procrastinating, even now i’m here writing a post instead of being at home preparing my dinner, procrastinate……………… is so natural to me.

Anyway i don’t want to be redundant more than I actually am (i can always use postponing :P) so during this endless two weeks of P. i’ve discovered: i primi dieci .

It’s a cool website about charts and unfortunately is only in Italian, but believe me is really funny and i can find myself in a lot of stuff there.

I should make a chart of the ten best ways for Procrastinate.