docjax free docs and ebooks

I’m in the rank of those slaves to the glasses ( cough cough beautiful Persol cough cough) and that’s makes me usually not so enthusiastic about pdf, ebooks or nooks and my enthusiasm is even less when I have to sign up for the service that is going to make me blind in the attempt to read its contents or get mad in the attempt to find something useful and I don’t want to give you any names cause I know we all use Slideshare and Scribd 😛

I cannot enjoy a walking in the rain without risk my life (who is in my same situation knows what I’m talking about, the rain on your glasses is like having a windscreen without wipers) and at the same level I cannot spend hours reading a paper on a computer screen without losing my eyes.

But for you normal people docjax could be good ,’cause, is good to me too.

First of all you don’t have to sign up to  preview or download the papers or the ebooks that you’re looking for, they’re just there, just one step further the seach  box in the main page.  All the contents come directly from the web, from sites as such as Google or universities’ webpages.

what you have to do is just choose a title, look at the preview and download it.

Much more  simpler than wearing glasses.