beautiful Sparkle Labs-hack is funny!

Sparkle Labs is not only a beautiful and stylish  web site, is an educational platform: in the weblog as in the learn and projects sections you can find some affordables and funny tutorials,  perfects if you are a beginner and you want make something easy and “usable”- I think I’m going to put myself to the test of the Christmas tree-  I believe that for beginner as me easy tutorials are the best choice to do not abandon hope and that’s a crucial point if you think that probabilities of abandon are higher at the start.

Sparkle Labs is also a product: paying about 50 dollars (34,88 euros) you can receive the ‘Discover Electronics kit’ good both for beginners and advanced users, with all the basic components (briefly presented) and a manual for start to work immediately on your new project.

50 dollars or 34,88 is  not a bad price so I hope that someone at my university will read this post and will order 20 kits (or at least one for me) in the name of the sacred institution of education.

Last but not least Sparkle Labs supports the DIY philosophy and of course that makes me happy, cause we need more DIY in our life, moreover I think we’re a kind  basically scared about the electronics and that’s keep  us far from the way of learning to use electricity or on approaching a part of the DIY.

I like how the Sparkle Lab communicate the funny side of hacking, to me, something taken too serious sometimes.

I want  suggest you a pair of other sites related to the topic, useful but less cool:
Open Circuits it’s a wiki about circuits, probably there you can find a solution to any doubt about circuits, it’s divided in sections  .

All About Circuits It’s a big and opened online textbook about electricity and electronics divided in six volumes.

at the Electronics Club I found something basic but extremely effective: a short explanation of Circuit Diagrams, I had some problems in reading the diagrams but now things are  more clear. but honestly the need a good web designer to move the site from web 0.1 to 2.0

Graphical Resistance Calculator a simple and visual way to calculate resistance value, chose the color and the value will appear. fast and intuitive.

that’s all.

ps.printed circuit business cards