Earth Design’s guide to Arduino, Dailyduino,Daniel Andrade,Make: 

At Earth Design’s guide to Arduino you can download for free another guide for beginners to Arduino.

The handbook is simple and well illustrate with good reproduction of circuits and projects.
I don’t know exactly where it comes from and I cannot remember where I found it (damned information overload), but the illustrations reminds me the Fritzing software , good for beginners since is very basic and  low-fi.

Good starting point  for practice and anyway guides are always welcome.

You can also have a look at Dailyduino a website a step further from my level, but a good place for resources.

I just love Daniel Andrade and his blog, he is an Arduino’s amateur and in his blog you can find a good section dedicated to Arduino, but if you have the time, please check out the other posts about electrical circuits, hacking,Linux and more!
I used one of his tutorial for the code for the temperature sensor and the background of my desktop right now is the wallpaper he made, you can see it at Arduino wallpaper

And the article about Arduino on Make:.