I’ve just learned 

Welcome to i’ve just learned.

I’ve just learned what a cross-processing is.

I’m even less than an amateur photographer but i still like to call myself a Lomographer since sometimes i use a Diana F.
I want to be honest: call myself a ‘Lomographer’ just because ‘i use a Diana F’ it’s like saying ‘i’m a dancer’ just because ‘i enjoy dancing at wedding parties’.
Anyway i’m here because i’ve learned what a cross-processing is.
Develop your first Lomo-film can be very frustrating: the images are blurry,is all dark or is all too enlightened, the few awful pictures you decided to save cost too much for your poor pocket, you have to wait weeks for the development and let’s say that usually the man at the lab don’t believe in your ‘art’.
Just this short list can makes you stop with Lomo.
But before you give up give the last chance to the cross-processing.
The cross-processing can turn your raw pictures in cool ones (or at list is what they say.. i’m going to try soon), you can choose to transform the film from C-41 to E-6 and have your images based on orange soft and light colors..or viceversa you can bring it from E-6 to C-41 and having high contrast-high saturation-deep colors.
I’m more for the second one, since i like the kind more and they’re also cheaper than the first, and that’s always good especially when you’re a newbie unemployed.

It’s not so much but is what i’ve just learned.