stuff left behind.New category. T.e.c.H. 

I’ve spent these latest days running behind a couple of projects,exactly as when you’re trying to fix a picture on the wall and the 5-minutes-work become a 5-hours-work, and the movements enabled are almost the same: you half-close your eyes for better see, focus your attention on a particular, incline your head now to the left, now to the right, take a deep breath and start all over again. The difference is that there’s no frame but just a computer screen in front of you.

Anyway, that’s Arduino’s fault- my new lover- to be honest are days that I don’t touch it, but I’m deep in the process to collect all the super-fast experiences-emotions-regrets-ideas-lessons of the workshop just passed and I lost myself several times in the attempt to orient myself in this jungle of kind-of- engineering knowledge.
During these endless internet journeys I’ve discovered a lot of bullshit and lot of diamonds and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend words on both.

but I think that these diamonds need a new category where to stay.. let’s call it T.e.c.H. as acronym of This Empathy Calls Headache or The Electricity Can Hurt or The Educative (and) Cool Hacking or Thinker Easily Caught Hearts, all entries that could be a name for an indie Canadian band, whatever meaning you link to T.e.c.H. is just tech.

ps. The bullshit will be still publish in BlaBlaBla