i’ve just learned the troubles of being poor for the web 

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I’ve just learned the troubles of being poor for the web.

Money makes the world run and from what we’re used to see makes run the web too.

See websites as Wikipedia or Last FM or even WordPress asking money for the cause or for make you a privileged user it’s became something common for me- and above all something I can live with it- BUT  I’m still surprised every time I fall in this huge black hole of free services and bad experiences.

I’m not talking about the open source or the completely free services, I’m talking about that web sites that offer you basic services for free or super services under payment or just the second option, and i don’t want attack anybody (even if the web is a battlefield) i know that we all have needs and in this case i need some  stuff and they need my money for keeping on giving that stuff. Cool. The circle is closed.

We’re learning that internet is not the paradise they tell, but it’s a kind of representation of the world we would escape while we’re in front of a computer: there are the cool guys and then there are the losers. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that being a cool guy is better than being a loser, even if usually are the losers the ones that use internet more.

What’s bizarre to me is that when unfortunately you are in the Losers’ rank and you are using a basic service what they have denied to you, is not just a tool,  or a button,or the access to a special area, they’ve just denied to you “orientation” and consequentially “knowledge”. Yep, I think that the probabilities to get lost with a basic service are more than with a payed service, even if – I guess (guess..there’s nothing more I can do )- you should be more confused  with the second one since they’re offering you more  :P.

Having less and having worse.  Have one of the two isn’t enough?

The item you’ve been looking for is just there, one click far from you..apparentelly.

If you are a basic user forget a complete and reliably support from the website,you ‘ve to googlin’ and walk-through blogs and communities to find the closest solution to your problem, the closest is not always the right one (a Linux user knows what I’m talking about). You must be a master with the mirrors sites and very patient with the basic features.

The main choice you have is to buy or.. you’re not going to find other valuable choices, but what’s ridiculous to me is that the payed features are always there, just after you’ve clicked you get to know that you have to pay for that you spent hours to choose..like a WordPress theme!

Deny the access to something or makes more difficult the way to access to information is denying access to knowledge and for our mind is like denying food. I made a mess with Netsons and WordPress last night I spent half an hours try to understand how to have a free domain and many others try to move myself between Cpanel, WordPress, Fantastico and all the blogs I visited just because there was not a clear explanation to my question.

After a while I’ve discovered that the guide I was following was wrong because the blog was not updated, and the other info from a community were not exactly the same as I was looking for. I’ve cancelled the website, and tried with another domain and then cancelled also that one because I need to work on a specific name.

that’s why I’m so upset with this topic, is just because this lack of money  -> this lack of information ->this lack of knowledge-> and finally this lack of chances to learn is pushing me one step further form what I want to do: improve myself.

That’s all.

At the end  I just want to say that I’m sorry if you don’t like my WordPress theme, but if you give me the money I will change the CSS! Promise!  😀